• How To Be More Confident When Dating

    If you’re dating, the most important thing you need to be successful is confidence


    Do you get worked up when going on a date? Struggle with what to say and worry about how you’re coming across? That’s definitely normal. Dating can be extremely confronting and nerve wrecking, especially when you’ve been out of the game for a while or you’ve been hurt in a relationship. 

    how to be more confident when dating

    Confidence is the most important aspect of dating because you need to be 100% comfortable with yourself in order to be comfortable with someone else. If you are insecure about yourself your body language reflects that and can make you appear closed off to others. Even being mindful of your posture can help open yourself up to others. Not having confidence in yourself not only makes it hard to meet people but it puts a strain on existing relationships. Being in a relationship with someone who has little self-confidence can be exhausting, there’s only so much praise a partner will give you about how wonderful you truly are before they give up and move on.

    You can’t rely on others for your self-confidence. Confidence comes from within, so in order to build self-esteem you need to be focused on yourself. Trying new activities and going on solo adventures is one of the best ways to build your confidence. Try going to a rock climbing gym or a pottery or painting class, anything you wouldn’t normally do. Finding out that you have a talent for something or even just finding something that you enjoy doing is great for self-confidence. Another big step towards amazing self-confidence is doing something you won’t usually do alone, this can be as simple as going to the movies or putting it all out there and heading to a Bon Jovi Tour. In the end you’ll learn to enjoy only having yourself to please.

    The key to confidence is self love!

    Focusing on yourself includes looking good on the outside. While appearance isn’t the only thing associated with confidence, I’ve learnt that putting an effort into your look will help you feel your best. Being physically active is always a good start because endorphins are proven to improve your mood and happiness is a key to high self-esteem. I personally like going for nature walks and biking to help me stay fit and feel great inside and out! Whether it’s getting a pedicure, trying out a new makeup look or buying a new outfit, doing something special for yourself will go a long way for your confidence, especially if it’s right before a date!

    I often see people with low self-esteem get caught up in their own heads when it comes to dating. They won’t put themselves out in the dating world for fear of rejection. Not going out into the dating world is the worst thing to do for people who want to be in a relationship because people won’t know that they’re hoping to meet someone. Whether it’s online, through friends, or a Love or Relationship Coach people need to be ‘on the dating grid’ in order to be successful.

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  • Bring Happiness Back Into Your Life

    We all crave happiness but many of us look for it outside ourselves. Right? Truly people have figured out the key to finding happiness is within ourselves.


    On social media, we find all kinds of reels and short videos that give information or make people laugh. This is very appealing to most of us and it creates the awe moment – the moment we stop and feel a deep moment of happiness.

    If you want to genuinely be happy in life, it takes more than just watching a few videos on Facebook or YouTube. Being happy requires more effort and inner work.

    be happy

    Here, I list 6 ways to create happiness in your life from the inside out:

    •  Be curious – There is a lot to explore in life and we can’t know everything especially how others feel. For that reason, be curious, ask open-ended questions (what, when, how?), and don’t assume you know the answer before they have a chance to reply.
    •  Listen in conversation – Practice active listening. When in conversation, listen to what is being said. Don’t be busy with forming a replay before the person is done talking or have your thoughts otherwise occupied. 
    •  Don’t be afraid to switch change or perspective – life is all about change . So embrace it – don’t be afraid of change. If something is not working out, don’t play the victim. Be courageous and make a change. 
    •  Enjoy your hobbies – A hobby is something we do for fun and relaxation. Have fun, be playful, relax and recharge your battery. And don’t take things too seriously.
    • Take time to savour the finer things in life – Stop and pause when you truly want to enjoy a moment. Don’t just eat that wonderful food, but really savor every bite, taste all the flavors. Don’t rush through shopping, but really pay attention to what you buy. Don’t dismiss your company, make sure you really enjoy the company you are in. 
    • Laugh every day – Laughing is the best medicine, it creates a chemical reaction in the brain that stimulate our feeling of happiness. It is free and easy to do. So, always, find something to smile about every day.  If that is hard for you, go on YouTube – you will definitely find something to laugh about.

    Being curious, laughing, playing, listening, savouring and not being afraid of change seem like small things, but I am telling you those are the stepping stones to happiness.

    We can’t buy happiness, but we have the power to create it. It’s all in perspective on how we view the life we have. 

    Happy people choose to be open-minded enough that they are not held down by certain views on life and are flexible enough to deal with the challenge that life throws at us. 

    We are used to giving others, but now is the time to give to ourselves – the gift of happiness. Learning how to find happiness and being happy is a choice, so don’t wait any longer, become a happy person now. Stay happy. 

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  • 6 Ways To Bring You Back To Self Love

    It can be difficult to love yourself while being inundated with cultural and societal expectations of what is perfect or acceptable.


    learn to love yourself

    Often times we lose sight of who we really are what we’re capable of when chasing someone else’s dream. We stop loving ourselves the moment we forget, we’re good enough being the person we are . No one can be you.

    So how do we get back to self-love? Have you forgotten how to love yourself?

    Here’s a great start on how to love yourself:

    • Do what you love. Are you in a career or job that brings you joy? If not, do you have daily activities/passions that you have integrated into your everyday life?
    • Accept only healthy/positive relationships in your life. Are you steadfast on the people you keep in your life and in your circle? The people you keep in your life are a true reflection of your level of love for yourself. What are you willing to put up with? What behaviour do you except in your life as OK? Are you willing to cut out or distance yourself from those toxic relationship’s that are no longer serving you?
    • Take time for yourself. On the perpetual rate race of life, daily life takes over and it can be hard to remember at times how to love yourself. Taking time out for yourself is important to stay grounded and bring you back to you. Remember, your life around you is a true reflection of how you feel inside. If you’re not taking time out for yourself, your life becomes chaotic and disconnected. Take time out to read a book, take a bath, whatever brings you personal peace and contentment.
    • Take care of your body. When I say body, I mean your entire body. You only have one body, take care of it. This means be conscious of the food you eat, food can have a huge impact on our mood and energy levels. Try physical activity that is fun for you and that yields results you’re looking for. For some, yoga brings a lot of calmness to their lives, while others turn to running to escape life anxiety.
    • Be patient with yourself. Are you patient with yourself when you’re having a bad day or are not quite where you want to be? Being impatient with yourself causes you to often times compare yourself to others and perpetuate the “grass is always greener” affect. Your life is your own. Embrace the now, embrace where you want to be and spend every day making strides towards your goals. Trust when you need to be patient getting there, that your life is a journey, a fantastic, unique evolution, just for you.
    • Watch your internal dialogue. How do you treat yourself? How do you talk to yourself? Be gentle with yourself, just like you are patient. We can be our biggest critiques. How to love yourself, start’s with yourself. Even if you don’t always believe it, think of one thing a day that you’re great at or that you love about yourself.
    • How to love yourself is not always about the big moves in life, it can be the smallest thing you do every day to bring back to you.

      Never forget the most important person in your life is you. 

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  • What Does It Mean To Have A Vision?

    What does it mean to have a vision?

    You have heard it numerous times in your life. Have a vision for yourself, make a vision board, vision this and vision that. So what does it all mean? Well, to sum it up, someone without a clear vision for themselves is just sort of drifting through life and going through the daily motions of whatever it is that they do. Some people are quite content with this and there is nothing wrong with that. However, for those who are in search of something more and just don’t feel fulfillment in what they are currently doing, going through the daily motions just won’t cut it.

    Most of us are so preoccupied with distracting ourselves by way of so many different things that we never think to focus on just one that we are truly passionate about and see it through to completion. Were we to actually operate in this manner, with specific intent it would actually simplify our life. How is that so you ask? Well, it prevents us from being scattered all over the place. It’s all about intentional living. Knowing where you are going, what you would like to be and being devoted to that.

    create your life - Scott Madore

    Most of us just aimlessly set goals and if we hit them we do, and if not, which is most often the case, we don’t really give it a second thought. The problem with that method is that there isn’t anything particularly inspiring about it. There’s nothing wrong with goal-setting in the traditional sense if that’s your thing, but there is a level above goal-setting and that level is called your vision. The difference is that your vision does not have a finish line. Your vision is all about your world being a certain way and that is an ultra inspiring existence to create for yourself.

    When you truly have a specific vision for yourself and for your future, one that inspires you, it will cause you to start your day off feeling great about yourself. You will have this wonderful passion and purpose front of mind which can’t help but to make you feel awesome. You will feel great about yourself and your life, versus feeling lowly or miserable because you are just going through the motions of another dull day feeling repetitive and just plain slowed down by your own negative thinking because you feel without purpose.

    Start taking note of how you are spending your free time and daily activities. Is it being absorbed by television shows, endless text messaging and social media indulgences? If so, all of these wasteful distractions are keeping your attention away from where it should be, on your vision and progressing toward the life that you really want for yourself.

    Living your life with real intent, passion and purpose will create that ever important belief in yourself which in turn will create that feeling of happiness that we all so desperately want to achieve. Please know that you were not placed on this earth just to make a living and pay bills. We are so very much more than that and all have our own unique purpose that is for us to discover by way of what we are most passionate about in our hearts.

    create your life

    A key item of note is that your vision will dictate how you approach your daily to-do list. Your to-do list will now be influenced and rooted in your vision. They should all be things that are going to bring you closer to your vision. Having a vision for your life clarifies your purpose, provides you with direction and empowers you beyond your regular state of living.
    The greatest thing in this world for you to discover is yourself. What you are doing right now is not all that you were born to do. What you were put on this earth for is so much bigger than what you are currently doing right now. When you are pursuing your vision, you glow differently. People will notice a difference in you and most importantly, you will notice a difference in you. I hope this helped!

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  • Know Yourself To Know The Right Relationship For You

    Self-knowledge is the key to all relationships – all of them! Not just in dating or marriage. When you truly know yourself, you also know what is right for you and who you should associate with. Not everyone wants the things that you want and this is vitally important to understand when planning on pairing up with someone for the long haul. For example, something as simple as, if you are a positive and upbeat type of person, you will not want to tolerate being around someone who is constantly whining and complaining as your companion. If you are a positive person and know what you want in life, those types of people are not for you. The key is knowing what is for you, before chumming up with just anyone, for the sake of having a partner.

    know yourself

    You must choose your partner based upon the future that you want for yourself. When you truly know yourself, you choose your partner based on who you know you are and what you would like to achieve in life. If you have ever been with someone just for the sake of being with someone, you later realized it was a mistake and looking back, regretted it. What matters is that you learned the lesson and keep moving forward.

    The key is knowing where you want to be yourself first, and from there, choosing someone who also has that same ambition and wants to get there with you. The fact is that it is far more important to love yourself first than it is to love someone else. We’ve all in our lives, loved someone so much that we’d do anything for them. Your truth is to make that someone be yourself and do whatever it takes to make you happy first!  

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Scott Madore is a Certified Life/Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker established March 2015. Scott’s pristine knowledge of relationships (management and etiquette) as well as human behavior form the base of his experience. He has coached and motivated hundreds of men and women in personal, dating and business areas. He currently hosts the “It’s Complicated Show” on Sauga 960AM. A live, weekly broadcast on topics surrounding self-improvement and relationships. Catch up on past episodes by visiting https://sauga960am.ca. Scott’s current e-books “Your Journey To Finding The Right One” and “Finding Your Own Way To Greatness” are available now. 

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