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A Mississauga resident, Scott Madore is a Personal Development Speaker and Dating Coach who takes great pride in his ability to inspire and help others, wanting that to be his lasting legacy.

Relationships can be complicated and sometimes we could use a little guidance in order to find the right solutions.

The purpose of this show is to inspire people to live happier lives and ultimately, enjoy happier relationships. We talk about all kinds of things, ranging from dating and romantic relationships, to hookups and how to find the right one.

Whether you’re a woman trying to better understand the male point of view, or a man who wants to know how to treat a lady the right way, there is plenty of valuable information packed into this show. Scott is here to give people hope and demonstrate that their relationships are not always as complicated as they think.

Tune in every Saturday night @ 10:00 pm and Sunday night at 8:00 pm on your radio at 960 AM, or online at to listen live.

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