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How To Be More Confident When Dating

If you’re dating, the most important thing you need to be successful is confidence. 


Do you get worked up when going on a date? Struggle with what to say and worry about how you’re coming across? Lost all confidence when dating? That’s definitely normal. Dating can be extremely confronting and nerve wrecking, especially when you’ve been out of the game for a while or you’ve been hurt in a relationship. 

how to be more confident when dating

Confidence is the most important aspect of dating because you need to be 100% comfortable with yourself in order to be comfortable with someone else. If you are insecure about yourself your body language reflects that and can make you appear closed off to others. Even being mindful of your posture can help open yourself up to others. Not having confidence in yourself not only makes it hard to meet people but it puts a strain on existing relationships. Being in a relationship with someone who has little self-confidence can be exhausting, there’s only so much praise a partner will give you about how wonderful you truly are before they give up and move on.

You can’t rely on others for your self-confidence. Confidence comes from within, so in order to build self-esteem you need to be focused on yourself. Trying new activities and going on solo adventures is one of the best ways to build your confidence. Try going to a rock climbing gym or a pottery or painting class, anything you wouldn’t normally do. Finding out that you have a talent for something or even just finding something that you enjoy doing is great for self-confidence. Another big step towards amazing self-confidence is doing something you won’t usually do alone, this can be as simple as going to the movies or putting it all out there and heading to a Bon Jovi Tour. In the end you’ll learn to enjoy only having yourself to please.

The key to confidence is self love!

Focusing on yourself includes looking good on the outside. While appearance isn’t the only thing associated with confidence, I’ve learnt that putting an effort into your look will help you feel your best. Being physically active is always a good start because endorphins are proven to improve your mood and happiness is a key to high self-esteem. I personally like going for nature walks and biking to help me stay fit and feel great inside and out! Whether it’s getting a pedicure, trying out a new makeup look or buying a new outfit, doing something special for yourself will go a long way for your confidence, especially if it’s right before a date!

I often see people with low self-esteem get caught up in their own heads when it comes to dating. They won’t put themselves out in the dating world for fear of rejection. Not going out into the dating world is the worst thing to do for people who want to be in a relationship because people won’t know that they’re hoping to meet someone. Whether it’s online, through friends, or a Love or Relationship Coach people need to be ‘on the dating grid’ in order to be successful.

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